Tales From Davy Jones Locker: Part 2, one year on at Wycombe.

We were floundering on the sea floor when you left us. Attempting to get to our knees (standing is still a life-time away ! ) To survive and rise !  An eight point plan

The birth of super-national leagues: Adopted by FM?

How realism and fantasy can meet one another in Football Manager UEFA is becoming more supportive of the idea of supranational leagues. This idea is not new, because some European leagues were already investigating

Close to home: Regional players are indispensable for a club’s identity

Shearer and Newcastle, Ceulemans and Club Bruges, Van Himst and Anderlecht, Giggs and Man U, Gerrard and Liverpool, Totti and AS Roma,… Examples of club loyalty can be found in all countries and throughout

5 Football Books Every FM Fan Should Read

If you are like me, I am not one for going out and buying the latest Stephen King novel, however I love my football books.  It doesn’t matter if they are player autobiographies, football

12 Cheap FM players better than Messi: FREE eBook

You don’t need Messi to succeed in FM, you need the games’ hidden superstars that perform week-in week-out at the top-level, scoring, creating goals and winning you titles every season at a fraction of

How to Win 99.7% of Penalty Shootouts on all Football Manager games

Over 5000 FM fans have downloaded our e-book so far and now is your chance to get your hands on the latest version, it guarantees to win you 99.7% of penalty shootouts!! Of course,

Football Manager 2014 News – What we know so far

With so much hype around what will or will not be included on FM14, the rumour mill is getting as bad as an iPhone release. So, to help you understand what is real and

Why women’s football deserves a place in Football Manager 2014

Messi or Marta? Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Iniesta, Rooney,… Top players, role models, heroes. Probably the reason why games such as Football Manager are a big success. To actually be the manager of these

That’s what ya’mum said T-shirts! Limited Time Only

Not strictly FM I know, but I saw these shirts at the weekend and thought they were hilarious so I wanted to share them with you. When I’m fishing with my mate Ace, there

Football Manager Survey – What do you, the real ‘experts’ think?

Its time to hand over to you guys, we want your feedback and experiences from the Football Manager series so far, it will only take a couple of minutes, if we get enough responses